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Elevated X is the adult CMS of choice for the leading adult brands and most successful start-ups.

"I am very happy with the CMS no problems on this end. Thanks for the great customer service."

Vince Voyeur - Hall of Fame Adult Performer

Mike Wylde
Owner - WyldeSites.com

"I recommend the Elevated X adult CMS platform to clients with a high volume of traffic and the need for multiple sites/tours. As a designer that works hand-in-hand with our clients on this software on a regular basis, we always experience fast service ticket turnaround when we need help. There's no other Adult CMS product in it's class that’s proven to scale and perform as reliably under heavy traffic as Elevated X."

Isabella Sinclair
Owner - GwenMedia.com

"The CMS is a sophisticated system and I'm still learning it but I'm very happy with it and I'm excited to build my other sites with Elevated X. The support services have been amazing, especially for a newbie webmaster."

"We started using the Elevated X CMS for OC Cash in 2009 and have been building other site networks on it ever since. I’ve used every CMS out there and Elevated X is great!"

Morgan, Owner - OC Cash

Owner - CockyBoys.com

"We started using Elevated X 7 years ago in 2010 and using the system to manage my site is so seamless that I hardly even think about it anymore. As a webmaster, that kind of reliability is a blessing."

Sean G
Owner - IndustryInvaders.com

"The CMS is great. After 4 years of use we are very pleased with all aspects of it. I am constantly on it updating. I am glad I found this CMS. At the point I was before I had spent thousands of dollars on so called solutions that in the end was a waste of money. We are on the up and up growing daily! "

“Nothing compares to Elevated X. Nothing will save you more time!”

Jelena Jensen, Owner - JelenaJensen.com

Barry M
Owner - MB Entertainment

"I can't say enough about the unbelivable customer support you guys offer on the Elevated X platform. In a world where I can't get most people to return an email, Elevated X is just working at the next level in this regard."

Damian Jennings
Adult Marketing Consultant

"When I looked at Elevated X I could recognize that a lot of thought was going into the product. I am now a very happy owner of the Elevated X CMS. It allows me to mold my business how I need it to mold rather than have software dictate how I do things."

"We have been very happy with the cms and the redesign of our site has improved our memberships to record levels."

Nanci Lopez, Manager - Pink Bird Media, Inc.

Ruth Blair
Affiliate Consultant

"Building sites has proven very straightforward. We're delighted with the results and the addition of a mobile members area enables us to target a whole new market. Anyone seeking a solid CMS with reliable professional support that also invests in future development should seriously consider Elevated X."

Robbie Boyette
Owner - ClaudiaMarie.com

"Here at ClaudiaMarie.Com central command center, Elevated X is the icing on the money making cake. With countless features and essential tools needed to put your website in front of eyeballs across both desktop and mobile platforms...the possibilities are as big as Claudia Marie's boobs!"

“Since 2008 my experience with Elevated X has been very good. I am very happy with the product.”

Cheyenne, Owner - ClubDom.com

Owner - ZuzanaDesigns.com

"We have been designing/developing sites for Elevated X for several years. Their support has been outstanding. If one of my developers has any questions or problems while integrating the sites over into Elevated X they are there to help with a simple ticket. We have worked with every CMS on the market and Elevated X's pride in workmanship is second to none."

Celeste Fox
Owner - SoloSlutCash

"From the start the customer service has been superb. If you are a program owner with multiple sites you are doing yourself a disservice by not considering Elevated X. It is a powerful CMS with a rich feature set. The ability to do server side video transcoding has been real time saver when dealing with multiple sites."

"I am loving the program! I can't say enough good things about Elevated X or your support staff!!"

Rob Anthony, Owner - Rob Anthony Productions

Owner - Relakx

“The support is always good and quick whenever I've had an issue. Elevated X cuts my workload down by atleast 75%. It takes me about 15 minutes to upload my source video and photoset, and import it into the site. Everytime I do an update, I catch myself saying "I'm done already?" That part is a good feeling.”

Destiny Dixon
Owner - DestinyDixon.com

"Switching to Elevated X 4 years ago has changed the way I run my business. It’s made managing my site 100% easier and I save hours every week with features that basically run my website for me. No tech experience needed to get started, Elevated X team and support are more than willing to assist anytime I've ever needed anything. Anyone seeking a CMS one step ahead of the rest I would choose Elevated X."

"Elevated X has been great for us. VERY easily customizable, quick helpful support. We have never had a problem."

Krissy, Program Manager - Metro XXX

Arthur Chang
Owner - MeatCash

“The system is solid and easy to use and lets us build new sites quickly which is critical to our program's growth. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a high end system to power their sites or anyone wanting to automate many of the routine and time consuming site management related tasks.”

Owner - AmateurDough.com

“Elevated X makes our lives so much easier to upload content, schedule it and have the CMS process everything so we can forget about it until the next month. Once we moved to Elevated X in 2010 we experienced a 20-25% increase in rebills because of being able to offer videos in many formats, zipped photos, adding to favorites, etc.”

“Our member's areas are better now than ever before.“

Chris Stewart, Program Manager - TeenieAccess.com

Jim Vanderslice
Owner - Nebraska Coeds

“Before starting to use Elevated X in 2010, I did all the the content posting by hand.  It used to take at least a whole day to prep and post one update... Now, I literally can do all of the work, on average, in one hour... Editing, Encoding, and Uploading raw video/photos, and Elevated X does the rest... It's completely changed the way that I do business; AND has completely changed my outlook for the future of my business. ”

Owner - MeanGirlsClub.com

“Since I switched to it back in 2010, Elevated X has been a life saver for running a members area. Updates are so easy now, just a few clicks of the mouse. Having the back end of my website under control leaves me with so much more time to market, and shoot more content!”

“Your tech support team far surpassed any expectations I had.”

Cliff V Owner - Red Devil

Keith Webb
Owner - Titan Men

“As of 2015 we’ve been using Elevated for 4 years and really like the ease of use and features of the software. It’s made our site much easier to manage, allowing us to put our energy into what we do best….producing content!”

Stewart Tongue
Owner - EngineFood.com

“Engine Food has worked with many top line clients in the adult space that use the Elevated X CMS as their back end. It's very versatile software, and I've seen it used on very different websites with excellent results. That kind of flexibility is rare in an out of the box product, and it's only really possible because of the hands on support the Elevated X team brings to each customer. ”

“Elevated X is generating alot of buzz, and rightfully so. It's amazing. I've never had any issues with not getting prompt tech help or "how do I" questions answered.”

Felix, Owner - FelixFlow

Owner - RealPeachez.com

“I switched to Elevated X in 2012 and it's the easiest and best CMS I have used to date! Its Simple yet covers all your website needs and more. They have great support which makes it easy for me to focus on my content production. To all of the models out there looking to expand your brand without being locked into a contract with a webmaster STOP looking and let Elevated X help you expand your business.”

Jack Lawson
Owner - CherryPimps.com

“We’ve been using Elevated X for 6 years after switching from another "top" CMS to Elevated X back in 2009. There was just no comparison. Their support team responds quickly and it doesn't come with a quote and bill every time you need help! Why re-invent the wheel when you have such an awesome product sitting ready to use. I've yet to hear anyone complain about Elevated X that is actually a customer.”

“Elevated X affected our retention, refunds & chargebacks in a positive way. If you're not using it you're losing money.”

K-Man, Program Manager

Vanessa Blue
Owner - VanessaBlue.com

“I love the ease of being able to update my website months ahead and this lets me spend more time working on promoting sales and increasing traffic. I feel like I'm running a serious web program that's up to par with the Big Dogs. Elevated X has given me a quality product that has definitely increased my sales and retention.”

Owner - LegitCash

“A good content management system is essential. I understood that a good cms would allow my business to scale over time and at the same time be stable. When I looked at Elevated X I could recognize that a lot of thought was going into the product. I am now a very happy owner of the Elevated X CMS.”

"The team at Elevated X has given us the perfect product to help us build our program. We are running 17 sites with it and it was by far the best decision we have made for a cms solution."

Vahe, Owner - STFU Cash

Oliver Klozov
Owner - BabeBucks.com

“If "time is money" then Elevated X is money because it's a HUGE time saver. A must for anyone running multiple websites. As Elevated X becomes more and more an industry standard it's easier to hire designers and assistants that already know Elevated X. I've been a user since 2008. Their support is top notch.”

Laurel Hertz
Manager - Swank, EdPowers.com

“We’ve been using Elevated X for projects for 7+ years and for an easy and quick set up process, we recommend Elevated X to all of our clients.  We explain to our clients that by using the CMS we can spend more time on building great converting tours and marketing than to waste thousands of billable hours of building a custom cms with anywhere near the number of features. ”

"The 11 sites we converted to the CMS have immediately seen an increase in conversion ratios for us."

Viki, Program Manager - Real Sex Cash

Courtney Cummz
Owner - CourtneyCummzXXX.com

“The CMS is the best for content management, You have a lot of tools to play with and generate different formats or ways to show your content. My members are more happy and can navigate the site easier and faster. If you have any problems you have a great support team who can help you anytime. You can't go wrong. Elevated X Rock$!”

Manager - Aziani

“We've been using the Elevated X CMS platform for over 6 years, and have gone through numerous upgrades and new feature installations. Suffice it to say...on the whole, I couldn't be happier with the product itself. Moreso, I've found the team at Elevated X to be nothing but professional, attentive and responsive. They've really gone out of their way to accommodate our needs...and, for any critical issues, they've been there in a flash.”

“The CMS kicks ass, there's so many upgrades it's sick!”

“Tre Synful, Owner - Synfuls.com”

Owner - Suburban Amateurs

“Being able to add updates quickly and encode multiple video formats/zips on the server has been a great help. The support has been excellent and the CMS has increased my workflow due to the speed and ease of updating the sites and adding new sites.” It's also improved the look and navigation of my sites from a surfers prospective.”

Eric Matis
Vice President of Internet - Playboy

“RealityCash, ClubJenna, and our host of programs couldn't be happier. Elevated X has been a savior and has provided a great product.”

“I have dozens of satisfied customers using Elevated X.”

“Brad Mitchell, Owner - MojoHost.com

Owner - CWDCash.com

“Elevated X is the perfect tool to help your company get to the top! After trying numerous CMS systems, even custom, we switched to Elevated X back in 2011 have been very happy with the versatility and performance of this great product. Elevated X can truly transform an idea for your site into a reality. Being able to have your sites run on autopilot and be able to spend more time getting new members is priceless. ”

Lisa Sparxxx

“From 2006-2015, prior to deciding to give up management of my own site to focus on other interests, I used the Elevated X CMS to run my official web site. After using it for several years I can say Elevated X is easy to use, great support, and if a pornstar can use it, anyone can! I think they should use that as their slogan.”

“Elevated X makes life easier for producers and directors of porn.”

Cristian Cipriani, Owner - Santalatina.com

Ivy Jean
Owner - IvyJean.com

“I don't think this would have been possible for me to do (with such a great site) if it wasn't for tools like Elevated X that automate everything. I started using it in 2013 and only wish I would have made the change sooner!   I think the cam girl world and independent solo model niche could really be a place for your sales to expand.  I'll definitely be referring girls that ask me! ”

Manager - Jules Jordan

“Since switching to it in 2011 Elevated X allows us to cost effectively manage our own membership sites in house. We leave the cms backend management to Elevated X while our staff focuses on managing our content. I would recommend Elevated X to anyone.”