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Powerful Framework

Free installation and tech support

Our professional in-house staff installs your Elevated X adult CMS software and delivers it to you tested and ready for use. Support is provided by in-house, full-time Elevated X support staff based on the West coast of the US and dedicated solely to CMS related tasks. We do not outsource support services.

Payment processing is optional

Add 3rd party payment processing for memberships and video sales and rentals from SEGPay at a special, highly discounted Elevated X % rate. NO $1000 annual high risk Visa/Mastercard fees (US clients only) and you'll be paid directly by the payment processor.

Flexible PHP design templates

Fully accessible source-code PHP based templates coded in HTML and table-less CSS to allow extensive customization. Templates can be edited directly by any designer or coder comfortable editing HTML and CSS, with no programming knowledge or experience required. An API is available for developers.


Up-to-date technology using the latest versions of PHP & MySQL. HLS video streaming & 3 levels of caching for fast page loads. HTML5 inline video and modern video players for reliable playback. Support for dedicated video encoding servers & multiple site servers for scalability.

Web hosting is optional

Use your own web host of choice, or our dedicated server plan. Where you host is entirely up to you and the freedom to host anywhere you like offers your business the most flexibility as you grow. Our optional CDN and cloud storage works with any host.


Elevated X works with all major 3rd party billing companies and affiliate software such as NATS as well as popular site security scripts and has been designed to work across PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone & mobile device platforms.

Free updates

Monthly auto-push software updates for routine patches, bug-fixes, security fixes and performance related updates are included free as a standard service. The latest features and product enhancements are made available to all CMS users throughout the year to keep you up to date.

Site Design

5 Themes to Choose From

Five modern, fully responsive website design themes in varied styles are included.

Responsive Design

1600 pixel wide, responsive templates are scalable for desktop, tablet and mobile viewing.

Splash Page

Modern overlay style site entrance splash warning page to keep minors out and stay compliant.

Join Page

An attractive, user friendly, customizable sign-up page is included.


Templates are PHP based and coded in HTML and table-less CSS for ease of customization without extensive programming knowledge.

Fully Customizable

Templates are entirely customizable by anyone comfortable editing HTMl/CSS. A developer API is available for anyone wishing to make extensive customizations.

Custom Pages

Add custom HTML pages that automatically include the main header/footer and look like the rest of the site for inclusion of your own information pages, content, embedding of a forum or other 3rd party script.

Site Management

Multiple Sites

Manage as many sites as you like from 1 central web-based administration panel with no limit on number of sites and no additional per-site fees. Add more sites easily at any time.

Site Administrators

Add multiple administrators, each with custom access levels to limit access to editing a specific site, performing limited functions or read-only access.

Tour Management

Manage multiple tours per site with full control over content, number of pages, number of updates per page, sections & limit of trailer video views allowed. Automatically update tours in sync with member area updates.

Membership & Trial Areas

Feature-rich membership areas and limited trial areas with custom access settings to limit trial members to only viewing photo thumbnails, galleries, the newest updates or only a set number of videos prior to upgrade.

Login & Access Control

Site login form and member authentication with log out button for customer privacy and security. Blocking of automatic testing of passwords and built-in login delay to discourage bot testers. Supports .htpasswd & MySQL databases and is 3rd party payment processor & affiliate script compatible.

Content Management


Editable calendar of events automatically populated with scheduled site updates & live cam shows.


Schedule site updates by date, by time-release based on length of each user's membership or by rotation.

Featured Content

Showcase specific site updates in their own section with optional date separate from the content's update date.

Category Keyword Tagging

Assign clickable content keyword tag links to every update and blog entry for a better user experience and added SEO.

Bonus Content

Manage 3rd party feeds, audio files, erotic stories and bonus sites or any externally linked URL where you wish to send customers.


Bulk Import

Bulk import content via auto-scanning of content folders or CSV spreadsheet data. Copy settings, content and data from site-to-site with a quick and easy import/export page.

Batch Processing

Batch process queue to automatically watermark, resize, sharpen, compress & Zip photos, create thumbnails and watermark, resize, encode and compress adaptive bitrate streaming videos.

Create Gallery & Video Pages

Automatically generate portrait, landscape or square thumbnail photo gallery pages with built-in photo viewer & hands-free slideshow. HTML5 inline capable video pages play video via a sleek, modern HLS adaptive bitrate streaming video player.

Thumbnail Cropper

Built-in cropping interface for full control over every image and streamlined thumbnail cropping for tour and member area content, complete with sharpen and filtering options for web-based site management without ever Photoshopping another image.

Automatic Site Updating

Let your site run on auto-pilot with automatic updating of every section of your site inside and out handled entirely by the CMS, including site updates, tours, featured updates, blog entries, user polls and banner ads for a fully dynamic site that runs itself.

Model Management

Model Index & Bio Pages

Browsable A-Z model listing of models with individual page for each model featuring a customizable bio for each model and a list of each model's updates. Ability to specify male, female or transsexual gender for each model.

Live Cam Integration

Embed your own webcam feed into your site for use with included show scheduling options. Automatically updating calendar of shows & dynamic countdown ticker of the time until the next show visible on free tours and/or member's areas.

Model Ad Targeting

Assign banner, text or rich-media ads to only show on pages with a specific model's content.

Cross-Linked Content

Associate content with multiple models and list updates on each model's bio page.

2257 Record Keeping

Safely store IDs and model releases and associate 2257 records with cross-referenced name/stage name/aliases, custom data fields for tracking/auditing, and an automatically generated list of URLs where all content appears. Settings to block admin staff from accessing records and manually add external URLs as required for compliance.

Digital Media Management


HTML based news/blog entries with editor and built-in image uploader. Post separate public and member only posts to reward membership.

DVD Catalog

DVD catalog with the ability to assign DVDs to studios complete with synopsis, box covers, scene breakdown and custom data fields per DVD.


Offer high resolution photo galleries, Zip files & automatically generated still image galleries from video screen captures.

Video Processing

Watermark and convert videos in desktop and mobile versions for playback on TVs, computers, tablets and mobile phones. Click here for details


Choose to offer downloads and streams or only offer streaming video in HLS format files cut into multiple segments to deter piracy by making a stream-capture or downloading a single video file impossible.

Video Delivery

Automatic conversion of video files into advanced HLS adaptive bitrate streaming format MP4 with built-in video player that serves the optimal quality based on each viewer's bandwidth capability.

Video Editing

Create high quality video trailers with fade-in transitions between cuts using an unlimited number of in and out points. Add pre and post-roll videos to the beginning and end and add custom watermarks to each output file for promotion automatically. The CMS will automatically add your custom created trailers to your free tours.

Video on Demand

Stand Alone or Hybrid

Sell full videos, individual clips and photo sets as a stand-alone VOD site, clip store or run a membership site where specific content is only available for additional purchase.

Buy Now Buttons & Shopping Cart

"Buy Now" and Add-to-Cart* buttons for single purchases or multiple purchases with customizable settings to choose either purchase option or give customers the choice of both.

Custom Content Pricing

Set custom price tiers for different content and set content access limits per purchase type to encourage upgrades and up-sells.

Pay Per View, Download & Rentals

Offer any variety of pay per view, pay per download and online streaming video rentals that expire after a set timeframe.

Integrated Payment Processing

Use integrated processors Epoch, Verotel, NETbilling, Orbital Pay or NATS affiliate software or integrate your own via a provided developer API. *NATS does not support shopping cart features.

Money Loading & Credits

Customers can pay as they go or load their accounts in amount increments you specify and have funds withdrawn as they purchase.

Lifetime Remote Video Stash

Customizable settings to allow customers lifetime access to all of their previously purchased photo and videos on your server for remote viewing via the web or re-downloading to enjoy on their favorite device.

Customer Interaction


Allow customer 1-5 star rating of updates, models and DVDs with corresponding public top-lists based on average votes.


Create multiple member's only surveys/polls with advance scheduling and/or poll rotations that show a different question on each visit.


Internal site search engine with Google-style auto-suggest results. Advanced search filtering options to search by site, timeframe, categories and include or exclude specific words.

Twitter Integration

Automatically send out Tweets complete with a photo with each site update. Show an automatically updating Twitter feed on site that pulls in Tweets from your linked Twitter account.

Web Forms

Custom forms for customer support or feedback for publishing inside and/or outside each site.

FAQ Page

Publish a custom FAQ page with automatically updating editable question and answer sections.


Allow customer comments on site updates, models & more with threaded site admin reply back option for public social media style threaded comment dialogue.

Favorites & Tag List

Members can save favorite updates and add custom keyword tags only they can see. Site administrators can choose to approve user tag suggestions to apply them to content publicly.

Direct Messages & Paid DM

Email-forwarding capable private message mailboxes for customers to contact site administrators and the ability to send messages to a specific member or a PM blast to all members. Optional paid DM system (requires ELXC billing).

Marketing & SEO

Multi-Language Sites

Provide your own translations to offer your site in multiple languages with preferred language selectable by each visitor.

Content Statistics

View stats on customer behavior including content accessed, most favorited updates, search words, most accessed categories and more.

Mailing Lists

Optional email collection box for mailing list building with ability to send email blasts.

Full Page Ads

Show an optional full page ad in modern page-overlay format when a member first logs in.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Assign a custom page name/title, meta keyword tag, meta description tag and use a optional custom URL for every page. Cross referenced keyword tag linking and cross referenced model name linking happens to each site update and blog update for improved site indexing results.

Banner Ad Manager

Serve ad banners site wide or targeted to specific content, specific models or custom zones. Create timed campaigns with expiration dates and weights to control how often ads show in rotation. Serve text, banner or rich media ads with ad stats showing you the total views & clicks for each ad.

Google Analytics

Code already embedded for use of your Google Analytics account for detailed visitor statistics. Use your GA account with no coding or template editing required.

Developer APIs

Template API

Allows developers making customizations or creating custom CMS themes to avoid custom database or AJAX calls for common functions and enables use of elements of the CMS on any page without connecting to the database directly.

Payment Processor API

Allows the addition of VOD/Digital Storefront payment processors not already integrated with the platform for clients who wish to use a non-integrated 3rd party processor or their own merchant account and payment gateway setup.

Optional Add-Ons

Mega-Pass Network

Offer access to multiple sites with 1 login on a network hub "mega-pass" site. List updates from all sites on 1 page along with a list of what's coming soon network-wide and network and/or individual site navigation. Click here for details

Payment Processing

Use our SEGPay master account exclusively for Elevated X CMS customers and enjoy premium 3rd party processing with online and live call center support for your website customer's needs. Rates at 12.5% or lower with NO annual high risk Visa/Mastercard fees for US clients.

Affiliate Gallery Builder

Automatically generate promotional gallery pages in bulk with included, customizable responsive design templates optimized for desktop and mobile viewing. Click here for details

Cloud Storage and CDN

Use MojoHost's cloud object storage to scale with ease without the worry of running low on drive space or upgrades. Bundled with premium Highwinds content delivery network (CDN) so your site visitors will always enjoy the fastest experience from anywhere in the world. Click here for details

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