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Elevated X Features

Build a network of sites &
expand your business quickly
with a mega-pass setup

Build your own network of quality sites just like the biggest online adult brands.

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Existing Customers Add This Feature [$100/month] New Customers Add This Feature [$100/month]

Mega-Pass features

Using a central content library, you'll be able to build new niche sites in just minutes. Complete with a "“network hub” site just like those used by all the big programs.

  • Network hub mega-pass all access site
  • Each update shows a link to the site it's from
  • Use on subfolders/domains/subdomains
  • Share the same templates across sites
  • Change headers and CSS for faster builds
  • Assign updates to only show on specific sites
  • Assign polls, news & more to specific sites

Mega-Pass benefits

The days of building a single site into a big brand are over. Using our custom engineered Mega-Pass setup you can build your very own network of pay sites with amazing speed.

  • Sell multi-site access with 1 membership
  • Show updates from all sites on 1 page
  • Build custom niche specific tours fast
  • Query content for a keyword to build new sites
  • Navigate the network or view sites individually
  • Create ad zones to target banners to specific sites
  • Build an unlimited number of sites

Start building your site network in minutes

The Elevated X mega-pass setup has no setup fees and is an optional $100/Mo add-on.

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Join the more than 2,000 successful sites
who have sold millions of memberships using Elevated X.

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Existing Customers Add This Feature [$100/month] New Customers Add This Feature [$100/month]



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