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Setup fee $0 $0
Free professional installation Check Check
Free US based tech support Unlimited Unlimited
Free 24/7 emergency support Check Check
Payment processing at 12.5% or lower Optional Optional
Web site hosting Check
All standard CMS features Check Check
Number of sites allowed Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 2X1TB RAID
Bandwidth 25,000 GB/Month
Membership, video on demand & clip stores Check Check
6 design themes Check Check
Responsive desktop & mobile friendly design Check Check
Video encoding and trailer editor Check Check
Adaptive bitrate HLS streaming video delivery Check Check
Free product upgrades Check Check
Automatic software updates Check Check

Please allow 5-7 business days for installation.

Our staff is kept extremely busy supporting all our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract? Can I change plans anytime?

There's no long term contract and you can change anytime. Enjoy all the freedom of a month to month use arrangement with no long term obligation. If you want to stop using the software, simply stop paying, it's that easy. You can add or remove optional add-ons anytime with no cancelation fees and no setup fees required.

Is there a limit on how many sites I can manage?

As long as all sites are owned by you and you alone, there is no limit on how many you can manage. There is no fee for adding more sites. All optional CMS add-ons are for unlimited sites with no extra fee for using add-ons on more than 1 site. A simple how-to guide is provided to quickly add new sites anytime you like.

Can I add my logo, colors & customize my site?

Logos, graphics and colors can be changed quickly and easily by just uploading the images or editing a CSS file. The Elevated X adult content management system uses easy to edit PHP based templates using HTML and CSS. A programmer or high level web developer is not required. Anyone comfortable editing web pages who is capable of CSS design coding can customize Elevated X templates.

Does this plug into my existing web site?

No. Elevated X does not plug into an existing site. The software is the backend framework of the entire site and provides for a free/public area or free tour, a member's area, optional trial area and video on demand areas. The software does not interact with or integrate with an existing site or any external scripts like WordPress although, if you have an existing blog, store or other component, you can continue to use it and simply frame it into your Elevated X CMS managed site or link to it from your site's navigation menus.

What if I'm not technical & have no experience?

Zero technical knowledge is needed to use Elevated X, however, you will need adequate English language skills and basic computer skills to use our software. The ability to figure out how to use a FTP program to upload files is often the extent of know-how needed to build and manage a web site using Elevated X.

Can I hire you to build my web site for me?

We don't offer site building services but can provide you with referrals to multiple sources for short-term, initial site building services or ongoing arrangements for weekly or monthly maintenance and site management depending on your needs.

Do you move content & data from my current site?

We don't provide migration service, however, our software's online admin panel offers an easy and efficient way to bulk import your content and data including titles, publish dates, descriptions, model names and keyword tags. Please email sales@elevatedx.com and we will be happy to provide you with a copy of the CSV format Excel spreadsheet template you'll need to use to import your data.

Is my information and data secure?

Our adult CMS software and support web site is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Our servers are protected by an enterprise-class firewall and all Elevated X CMS software plans include SSL encryption to protect passwords and any other sensitive data you share with us.

How long will it take to have my site online?

Your CMS will be installed within approximately 5-7 business days. From there, the time it takes for your site to be ready to launch will depend on how quickly you're able to add your content and make any desired design changes.

How often is Elevated X software updated?

We push automatic product updates to all clients on the first Monday of every month. More urgent fixes, performance improvements and critical security updates may be done at any time with or without advance notice to keep your sites safe and running smoothly.

What billing companies work with the CMS?

We provide a join page template to make it easy to add your own custom signup form or signup code provided by your processor or NATS affiliate software. For clip stores, rental, pay per view and pay per download sites, integrated processors include Epoch, Verotel, NETBilling, OrbitalPay and NATS. Our VOD features require use of an already integrated payment processor. We also offer discounted % rate 3rd party payment processing via SEGPay with no annual high risk Visa/Mastercard fees.

Which web hosts and CDN's work with Elevated X?

Elevated X software runs in a unix based hosting environment meeting the minimum CMS software requirements We do not integrate CDN's or provide CDN related support. We have an easy-to-follow instruction for clients and CDN vendors to integrate content delivery with the CMS framework. CDN is a 3rd party service not provided by Elevated X and may alter file paths, structures and conflict with CMS features. Elevated X does not troubleshoot or repair problems with CMS functionality altered by use of a CDN.

Is there anything else I need to build a web site?

We offer the stand-alone software only, or any combination of required resources as options based on your needs. If you go with the hosted CMS plan and our optional payment processing, there's nothing else you will need to sell memberships and/or digital content for "on demand" viewing or downloading. If you go with the CMS software only, you will also need to obtain web site hosting and payment processing.

Can I hire you for design and coding services?

We focus all of our resources on providing our customers with the very best adult CMS software and support service possible and therefore do not offer paid design or coding services. The Elevated X adult content management system uses easy to edit PHP based templates using HTML and CSS. A programmer or high level web developer is not required. Anyone comfortable editing web pages who is capable of CSS design coding can customize Elevated X templates.

What kind of support do you provide?

Support is available via an online support ticketing system Monday-Friday, 9-5PM PST with 24/7 emergency support via SMS (text message) notification always available for truly urgent issues such as your web site being down or inaccessible. Free support is included in your monthly fee.

Will you teach me how to use the software?

We have a series of very easy to use step-by-step guides and video tutorials online for most of the common CMS tasks, however, should you prefer or need a 1 on 1 walkthrough or lesson to get comfortable with the software, this will be arranged for you by phone or Skype chat free of charge.


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