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Elevated X Features

Keep your sites and content safe
with the most widely used
site security product

Handle member logins and protect your site with a dedicated security layer.

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ProxyPass features

ProxyPass login management and site security software defends against abused proxies and botnets, password hacking and sharing and bandwidth spikes from site-scraping.

  • Fully customizable login form
  • Optional "captcha" on login forms
  • HTML login compatible with mobile devices
  • Installed and configurable on your servers
  • Use standard or custom authentication modules
  • Control the handling of attack responses
  • Limit a member to a daily download bandwidth limit
  • Throttle the number of simultaneous downloads
  • Set an overall bandwidth cap per member

ProxyPass benefits

Handle member logins and protect your site from member's area attacks, password abuse and prevent the theft of protected content and to maintain solid system stability during resource intensive attacks.

  • Industry standard ProxyPass site security
  • Decrease server load, bandwidth, & downtime
  • 3 bandwidth policies to control bandwidth limits
  • Prevent passwords from being shared
  • Decrease the amount of stolen content
  • Protect single and load-balanced servers
  • Block cracking via proxies and drones
  • Block single-source and IP network attacks
  • Prevent site scrapers and rapid downloads

Protecting your sites is quick and easy

Your site security module will be installed and configured by the professional ProxyPass support staff.

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Existing Customers Add This Feature [$50/month]



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