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Elevated X Features

Encode, cut, convert, edit
and stream videos automatically
with HLS adaptive bitrate delivery

Cut clips, edit video trailers, watermark, encode and stream videos automatically.

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Video features

Automatically watermark, convert & encode videos into optimal formats in multiple sizes for computers, TVs, tablets and mobile devices. Use an easy editing interface to cut custom video trailers quickly for use on free tours, promotions and marketing on tube sites.

  • Full control over bit rates, frame rates and codecs
  • Control video size, buffer size & max buffer
  • Convert into multiple formats in real time
  • Cut full length videos into shorter clips
  • Support for dedicated encoding servers
  • Support for multi-thread encoding
  • Cut and edit professional quality trailers

Video benefits

Let the CMS stream your videos via the included sleek, modern video player using the same advanced HLS adaptive bitrate streaming setup Apple uses to deliver the ideal size video automatically based on each viewer's connection speed for PC, MAC, iPhone and iPad users.

  • Automatically encode videos on your server with 1 click
  • Offer multiple sizes of video for tablets & mobile
  • Watermark your videos automatically
  • Take a series of video screen caps automatically
  • Create screen cap galleries automatically
  • Make videos compatible on tablet and mobile devices
  • Serve streaming video to desktop, iPad & iPhone users

Start converting and streaming high quality video instantly

The complete Elevated X video suite is included free with your CMS.

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